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Terms and conditions of use

The use of Konekesko's website (www.konekesko.com) is subject to these terms. By using Konekesko's website, you agree to comply with the terms of use effective at any time. As Konekesko may change the terms, we advise you to read them regularly. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from using Konekesko's website.


Konekesko's website content is protected by copyright law. Konekesko reserves all rights to the pages and their contents, unless otherwise stated in these terms of use or on the pages. Reproduction, distribution or storage of the contents of the pages, in full or in part, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Konekesko, except for certain exceptions listed separately.

Press releases, material in the material bank and printable logos can be freely used for journalistic purposes, provided that the source is acknowledged.

No use of text or images for commercial purposes, or purposes that are in violation of good practice, is allowed. You can view, browse and print Konekesko's website pages for your own personal use. Distribution of the page contents, in full or in part, without the separate written consent of Konekesko is prohibited. Separate terms of use may apply to individual documents on the pages, in which case these terms are expressly stated in connection with the document.

Symbols and trademarks

"KONEKESKO", the KONEKESKO logo and the names and logos of the Konekesko’s products and services are protected symbols and trademarks of Konekesko or its suppliers.


Konekesko's website is provided without obligation and on "as is" basis. Konekesko does not warrant that the information contained therein or accessed through them is accurate or authentic. Konekesko does not give warranty that its website will be uninterrupted or error-free. Konekesko is not responsible for the availability of the pages. Konekesko reserves the right to make changes on the pages.

Konekesko's website may include links to pages owned or operated by third parties. By following a link to such a site, you agree to review and accept that site's possible terms of use before using the site. Konekesko has no control over the contents of sites that are accessed via its pages and created or published by a party other than Konekesko, and Konekesko is not responsible for the contents of those pages. Konekesko is not liable for direct or indirect damages, such as delays, losses of income, goodwill, right to use, or information, or for other financial loss caused by the use of the pages, or the use of information contained therein. Konekesko is not responsible for direct or indirect damages, such as delays, losses of income, goodwill, right to use, or information, or other financial loss caused by a service it provides on its website, or by the interruption of such a service. Konekesko's liability is limited to the maximum extent permitted by the Finnish law.

Submitting material to Konekesko

By submitting material to any Konekesko server, for example by e-mail or via web pages, a user agrees and confirms that the user has the right to submit the material to Konekesko to be used freely without any compensation to the user or a third party, that the material is not unlawful, not in violation of good practice, or otherwise unfit for publication and that, before submitting the material, the user has taken reasonable precautions to detect and remove any viruses and other disruptive or destructive features contained in it.

Konekesko is not responsible for the contents of any material submitted by the users of its web pages. Konekesko may at its discretion remove any material sent by users from its pages at any time.

Privacy protection

Konekesko processes information in compliance with the Personal Data Act and any other regulation concerning personal data protection in the Finnish legislation. Personal data of visitors to Konekesko's website is not collected without their consent given by themselves to Konekesko, for example, in connection with feedback. The processing of such personal data is openly described in the data protection statements available at relevant places on Konekesko's website.


Konekesko may use cookies on its website at Konekesko.fi and between the K-Group’s other websites for tracking the use of the web pages and producing targeted advertising, for example. Cookies are small files transferred to the user's PC and used by the www service to maintain sessions during website visits. These cookies do not collect information that identifies a visitor. Cookies do not enable access to information on the user's hard disk either. The user’s web browser probably accepts the cookies with default settings, but users may also turn cookies off using their browsers’ settings. Further information on browser specific instructions are provided by the manufacturer of your browser. Denying cookies may cause the web pages to malfunction or fail.

Technical information

The service works with the most common operating systems and browsers. The pages have been tested with Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 17, Google Chrome 20 and newer browser versions, as well as device iPad, iPhone and Nokia Lumia 800 and 920. To make use of all the functionalities of the website, please check that you have Javascript enabled in your browser.